15 Proven Natural Cures for Eczema

Why Is It Best to Use Natural Cures for Eczema?

Chronic eczema causes months and years of misery. With natural cures for baby eczema, you can replace all that with only days of inconvenience needed for the effective treatment of acute relapses.

From emollient creams and antiallergic medication to antibiotics and corticosteroids, a variety of remedies has been introduced in the market to provide a cure for eczema. It is such a disturbing skin disease that some even resort to heavy medications with serious side effects, without considering the possible adverse impact on their health.

However, treatment for such illness need not be risky and expensive. We must be thankful that amidst an ocean of artificial medications, we can rely on natural cures for eczema.

Natural treatments for eczema

It should not come as a surprise if natural remedies now compete side by side with medicines prescribed by your doctor. Nature, after all, almost always has the answer to the problems of humankind. If we only know how to utilize this healthy means of treatment, there would have been no need to look for any other sources outside nature’s premises.

For a healthy start, here are a few of natural cures for eczema:

1. Have a healthy lifestyle. Before looking for herbs and the like, the first and foremost consideration you should make concerns your day-to-day healthy diet, trying to identify and eliminate trigger foods, which can greatly make a difference to your skin condition.

2. As much as possible, you should get enough rest to avoid stress.

3. Get rid of chemically-processed products and go for natural and organic instead with all foods, cosmetics, detergents

4. Enrich the nutrients of your body that help fight off the eczema-causing bacteria. Avocadoes, eggs, organic raw nuts, tuna, fresh salmon, among others, should form part of your meal, as they are rich in omega-3.

5. Applying vitamin E – rich oils, most especially those with natural D-alpha tocopherol on affected skin areas also helps.

6. Apply active Manuka Honey known for its powerful skin healing properties.

7. Gel from freshly cut aloe vera leaves mixed with vitamin E oil is most favorable as a nature cure for eczema.

8. Out of these natural ointments, the best alternative to rather expensive creams and ointments is the organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

9. A strong brew of chamomile tea can be made out of fresh dried herbs. This especially relieves acute symptoms of eczema by applying it directly to the affected area for 20 minutes.

10. The fluid extracted from organic cucumber cut into thin slices can serve as an ointment to the injured skin.

11. Boil organic carrots until they are soft and ready for mashing. Mash until they form into a smooth paste and apply on affected areas for 15 minutes. Rinse with clean and cool water afterwards.

12. Another natural cure for eczema is the calendula lotion or cream which can be made out of calendula, a marigold flower.

13. Mild evening and morning sun exposure improves the general skin health and speeds up the healing process

14. Short baths in chlorinated water found in some swimming pools or even sea water improves eczematic skin. However avoid that the skin enters into direct contact with sand, as this is an irritant that might aggravate the condition.

What is your experience with natural cures for eczema? Can you share some good advice?

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