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Best Over The Counter Eczema Cream

Atopic dermatitis or popular eczema if formed through a skin barrier defect that leads to epidermal water loss when exposed to trigger irritants or allergens. The skin becomes dry, red and itchy determining babies and adults suffering from this condition to scratch it further and increase the mechanical trauma.

Over the counter eczema creams and ointments with lipids, fatty acids, triglycerides increase skin hydration and stimulate barrier repair reducing the incidence of dangerous, uncomfortable flare-ups. They should be part of a holistic eczema treatment program¬†meant to reduce flare ups and keep the condition under control.… Read the rest

Best Soap for Eczema: Oilatum Cleansing Bar Unscented

Oilatum Cleansing Bar Unscented Review

I have always had eczema in my youth, but it did not really bother me as much as I was disturbed when my child acquired the detestable skin disease. I knew that aside from the itchiness and other irritation he would suffer, daily necessities such as taking a bath or washing his body would be a chore.

Painstakingly, I searched for a holistic eczema remedy and the perfect soap for eczema that would give us both the gentle but deep cleansing action our skin needs, ¬†while preserving intact the epidermal barrier function. And we have … Read the rest