Home remedies for baby eczema

Top 5 Home Remedies for Baby Eczema

Unfortunately, there is no definite cure for eczema. This chronic disease has a remittance and relapsing cycle. But the symptoms can be treated with traditional medicines and home remedies for baby eczema to make them moderate or less severe.

Because inflammation and dryness are precursors to eczema, these conditions must be treated. Both cause flares of red rashes and itchiness. Below are a few home remedies for baby eczema that aim to prevent flare-ups and keep the skin hydrated:


1.Bleach bath. Although it may seem unlikely, it was reported that patients with severe, systemic eczema experienced an improvement after using the swimming pools, fact associated with the high level of chlorine in the pool waters used for its antibacterial properties. Adding ¼ or ½ cup of diluted chlorine bleach to baby’s bath water (in a bathtub) can prevent suprainfection of eczematic skin with staphylococus aureus. The bleach kills even the very tiny microbes that cause skin infections. It provides skin an opportunity to overcome eczema.

Soak babies in bleach water for 10 minutes two times a week. However, bleach is painful in treating eczema that has already flare ups. In giving a bleach bath, avoid submerging baby’s head, and never allow the bleached water to come in contact with baby’s eyes.

As always with alternative home remedies for baby eczema, use your own judgement and you may also consult baby’s doctor if you feel this treatment option is too extreme.

2. Use oil moisturizers. Atopic baby skin suffers from a damaged skin barrier that allows skin moisture to escape. After bath, lock in the moisture by applying hypoallergenic baby moisturizing oil or lotion. Virgin and organic oils such as from olive and coconut can work wonders. Olive oils have linoleic acid, which is also found in our skin, though it is not naturally produced but derived from foods. Linoleic acid creates water barriers preventing skin from losing its moisture. If oils are not present, petroleum jelly is a good alternative in moisturizing dry and irritated skin.

Moisturizing baby’s skin is very important especially after giving a bleach bath because the bleach itself can dry the skin. However, be careful and stay away from peanut oils, as they are highly allergenic and applying it on to the already sensitized eczema skin may trigger severe allergies.

Home remedies for baby eczema
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3. Probiotics. Early in the 21st century, atopic dermatitis has been linked to food allergies and some intolerances. Probiotics are potential in reducing eczema in some infants. In a research study initiated by National Institutes of Health involving 230 infants, giving probiotic bacteria to lessen symptoms of atopic eczema in food-allergic infants was very promising as infants given with lactobacillus GG experienced better conditions than infants who were given placebo.

4. Oatmeal bath with Baking Soda. An oatmeal bath can be very soothing to baby’s skin and is one of the most popular home remedies for baby eczema. You can give an oatmeal bath by adding oatmeal powder packed in an old stocking, and put it under the running water in filling baby’s tub. This will turn the water in the tub slippery and milky. So take caution in putting the baby into the tub. Add two tablespoons of baking soda, which will be baby’s cleanser. For babies 6 months old and under, avoid using soaps. If the baby is too big to have baby baths, use the oatmeal water to rinse the baby after the wash. The oatmeal powder can be prepared by adding two cups of oats into a coffee grinder or food processor.

5. Honey. Applying honey onto baby’s irritated skin can also reduce inflammation and redness. But you have to look out for ants as they are attracted to anything sweet. Natural and pure honey such as Manuka honey contains healing properties from its anti-bacteria and anti-viral compounds. For babies big enough to take liquids, a teaspoon of honey can be mixed with one glass of lukewarm water, with a squeeze of a lime. Let the baby drink it in the morning until the symptoms lessen.

Home remedies for baby eczema should be part of the ongoing management of this more and more common skin condition. Read more…

Have you ever tried any home remedies for baby eczema? What was your experience?


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